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Prophetic word 
Afghanistan, The curtain has fallen, 
now it is time for the real show of my power

Released 18 Aug 2021

Afghanistan Curtain has Fallen.png

I have an unexpected word for Afghanistan. As a person who has worked in international charity for 20 years, I must say I am deeply troubled by the current events in Afghanistan. Watching the desperation of the people at the airfield is unbearable. Nevertheless, I released this word as I saw it.

I saw and heard the following as I began to pray for Afghanistan. "The curtain has fallen, it’s the end of the show. Now it is time for a real demonstration of my power. The pieces are coming together "

What has been going on in that country has had Afghanistan operate on standby. The genuine identities of the characters and actors are now being revealed. Now, what was once hidden can be judged.

I felt the Lord saying, "At last I am able to act. I can work with the truth. I have held my hand, said the Lord. Now you will see me act. Now you will see me reveal of my destiny for Afghanistan. "

As I pray about this, I can see the passage of time. I believe that what is happening now is necessary in order to go forward, but I do not believe that the Taliban of today will be the future. I see a decrease in influence.

As the Taliban try to exert their presence on the world stage, I see a loss of identity. They have gone from being uncontrolled to now being controlled by everyone. They will reap what they have sown.

This time will pass, but the reality of who the Taliban are has been called out to the front so it can be judged and rooted out.

I am reminded of the story of Gideon's 300 men. You think you need 10,000. The Lord says, "I only need 300." 

I heard the Lord say, "Look what I will do with my Afghan bride. I don't want her to wear another's dress. I will raise her up. She will be pure, indigenous and of my spirit, says the Lord. Other nations will learn resilience from her. They will learn how to stand unrelenting.

As I was praying for this, I was taken into an encounter and the Lord showed me the love he has for the Afghan church. I was overwhelmed. I wanted to go there. To the Afghan church, God says, "I hear your cries. I will never leave you. I will not forsake you."

I will bring justice, says the Lord. Hold tight, don't fear, stand on the day of your trouble. The great and terrible (judgement) of the Lord his near. He will execute his justice.

Watch as I reveal my hand, says the Lord. I will execute justice and set out freedom for the oppressed.

Is there anything too difficult for me, says the Lord?

Prophetic word 
Australia, it is time …

Released 11 August 2021


Prophetic Word: It is Australia’s Time

God spoke to me about Australia this morning as I was reading the papers. The “first sentence of an article read …” Australia to become the "head office for global tech corporations," competing with Silicon Valley and Tel Aviv”.

Silicon Valley is located in the USA. Tel Aviv is located in Israel.

For a long time, I have felt that it's time for Australia to mature. Australia has been the "little brother" for far too long.

The mention of Silicon Valley made me think of equality on the world stage. The mention of Tel Aviv made me think of Australia being grafted into the vine of Israel and therefore a major contributor to the revelation of God to the nations.

It's time to switch gears from getting to giving.

From receiver to revealer.

It is time to look up and stand up.

It is time to man up.

It is a time of revealing

It is time to move from servant to sonship.

For you will be known as a nation of sonship. A nation of privilege and honour. A nation of acceptance and friendship.


The article goes on to say...

There is nothing "geographically special" about tech hubs such as Silicon Valley and Tel Aviv. "It’s really just a mindset and it’s a community.

I felt God was saying, "I'm dialling Australia's number". Consider yourself in a new light. Consider yourself from a different perspective. It's time for you to grow up from a boy to a man, from a girl to a woman, and to view yourself as I see you says the Lord.


The article goes on to say, "During the pandemic, the tech industry was the second-highest job creator behind retail."

The epidemic served as a wake-up call. A divine reset. There was a pause. A moment for contemplation. A period of consolidation. It was a decluttering time. Now is the time to make your move. Now is the time to bring forth revelation. Now is the time to display the gifts that God has bestowed upon you.


The article goes on to say... "technology has succeeded despite uncertainty... "Crucially, it is an enabler of all other sectors."


I believe Australia's scroll will serve as a catalyst. To enthuse and motivate. To encourage other nations to return to their original mission. Australia will beckon America to return to its missionary call. Europe will be called back to its destiny by Australia.


The article goes on to say... "Now is the right time for us as a nation to develop a clear policy and direction."


You will see the development of new networks. Networks within networks. I see a coming together for purpose and direction. I see networks unifying around a cause and a call. I see the formation of new prophetic companies and communities, a coming together of apostolic networks. I prophesy the formation of a new supernatural network. A Holy Spirit led master network that has no name, no control, a network of freedom and liberty. A new sharing. I break off the shackles of the past and declare an open heaven over the nation of Australia. One brother helping another brother. I see people pulling together and people finding their place of belonging. Their place. It is an exciting time for the people of Australia. A coming of age.

Australia, it is time...

(This word also bears witness with a number of senior prophets in Australia)

Apostolic/Prophetic word 

Released 24 April 2020

This Season.jpg


The Lord gave me great insight into the times and season we are in through the reading of Ezekiel 40. Ezekiel 40 is a description of the vision of the inner court, as given to Ezekiel and signifies today, our personal relationship and walk with God. You can watch the video listed for a more detailed description of how I obtained the following word from Ezekiel -> Ezekiel Word

The world events have indeed surprised many of us. At first, comes the shock of the change, a lulled acceptance at first, but then comes the time of evaluation. The Lord showed me that many people are now considering priorities and deciding what they want for the future - especially when it comes to their experience of worship and interaction with a Christian community. 

I do not believe that God sends sickness on people, but He has stepped into this crisis to use it to bring about great repentance across the Church worldwide. I prophesied a blueprint of repentance at the last Australian Prophetic Conference - see my message here -> Facebook Recording: Message at the APS Nov 2019

People have now gotten over the shock of a worldwide shutdown. Which leads us to our current season. I believe this a season where God is drawing the hearts of men towards Him, it is a season of repentance. But the repentance is not one that comes from guilt, but it is repentance towards alignment. Alignment with the heart of God. Alignment with His priorities. Alignment with His future purposes.  

As Nate Johnston said, for the Church, it is not a shutdown, it is a startup.  

God has stripped away all that what he has considered unnecessary and confronted the hearts of men with what is important to Him. Many are asking the question, why was I so busy and all that I was ‘doing for the Lord’, was it in His heart or was I so cluttered with doing good I had forgotten to behold Him. As we speak, I believe many are experiencing a personal revival, and there is a great turning towards God in this hour. The peace in the lives of Christians is a mighty witness to those who are lost.   

I believe in this repentance of alignment, God is establishing men on pillars of truth and genuine relationship with him, and he is bringing men to a place where they will be loyal and fruitful like they have never been before. There is a place of setting things right and correcting in-balances of the past, and something new is on the rise. There is a new beginning and a correcting of the spirituality of men. There is a new development in the affairs of men regarding business, politics and worship. There is also a new beginning and how they relate to God; there is an opening of revelation to men from God that is bringing them to a higher place in Him.  

His grace is covering all that is happening at the moment, there is a multiplied grace on those who are established in his truth. There is no need to fear for God is bringing the Church into all of its glory and fullness and strength at this time. As the Church repents towards alignment, there are another two stages to go through before God has brought his Church to the place of great intimacy Him. There is going to be a revival of holiness, not holiness of legalism, but a holiness cleansing, and in this stage, there is going to be a development across the Church worldwide where words such as repentance, sacrifice and laying things down will become words of joy. After a holiness revival, the next stage that the Church will go through is a revival of worship. Across the world, there is going to be such a change in the personal revival of people that true worship will become mainstream, and people will worship God in spirit and in truth. Along with this worship, there is going to be a new revelation of the Lord’s table, (communion or Eucharist) as we get ready for the great awareness of the dwelling of the spirit of God in the hearts of men.  

I prophesy another great awaking across America, and I believe Australia will be a catalyst for the world in the revival of holiness and worship. I see a levelling of the economies of the world and a reset in terms of wealth. I see debt cancellation over poorer nations. As I prophecies before, there is a new affection for the Church coming from the world - (Facebook Post: Prophetic Word), and I truly see a transfer of wealth to God people for those who are pure in heart, loving, kingdom-minded and committed to helping the poor. 

Now for the Apostolic comment. 

I see a couple of narratives coming out of this situation at the moment. There are those church leaders who are just waiting for the CONVID-19 to pass, and then they are expecting business as usual. Think again. Men’s hearts have changed, and the world has changed. People are going to have different priorities.  

Then there is another narrative saying that the church structure of the past was wrong and the way of the future is in new church structures. It all about home churches or online Church etc. Think again. Revival doesn’t come by structure. Revival starts in the hearts of men. The interesting thing that God showed my out of Ezekiel is that the vision he had of the new temple was remarkably similar to the old one. The key difference was the hearts of the worshipers. This alignment is not about structures, it is an alignment of the heart.  

People are not going to care too much about church organisations, structures or forms in the new season. At first, there will be a euphoria as restrictions are lifted, but then there will be a despondency and people transition into the desire that God has placed in them during this season. The revival he is bringing is not about structures and forms. It is a revival of the heart, and any leader that can see in the future can see that if we just expect to continue as before - we are in for a shock - and if we think it is all about adjusting the structure - we are in for a lot of work but little fruit - it is about developing genuine Christian community of love and empowering the personal revival of peoples relationship with the Lord so that they may become all that God has intended His temple (us) to become. I call the 4th great awaking in America the revival of the common folk. The season for the superstar Christian and the separation of Church and laity is gone, and we are going to see an empowering of believers in signs, wonders and miracles in conjunction with a genuine, humble love that prefers others sacrificially above themselves. It is a great time of apostolic serving to empower all believers to minister as true sons and daughters of God. 

The apostolic mandate that I am releasing on the body of Christ is; do not waste this time during this season of repentance towards alignment. Align your heart and draw closer to him. Get ready for another level of ministry across the body of Christ and drawing of the hearts of men to him.  

This is a great day of the visitation of the Lord, and it is a right now it is a season of repentance towards alignment.  


Daniel Zelli 

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