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Global Online Broadcast

This weeks meeting …

the meeting from last weekend …

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Starts 9 am Sat Morning
Brisbane Time

Register here if you would like to receive meeting notifications via SMS


The first half will be a half-hour broadcast is a general broadcast and the main message. 


The second part of the meeting is a zoom that will allow time for ministry, prophetic words, and breakout room chats.

These meetings are still live, so don't be late for church because they will start on time.

Make a lot of comments during the broadcast, and you'll see how much fun it is to read other people's comments while the meeting is going on. This is one church where you are permitted to speak during church. (lol) However, I would ask that you be sensitive during calls for salvation or when we are praying for people so that our comments are focused and not distracted.



At 7:00 p.m. Brisbane Time, the meeting will begin.


Instructions on how to log on to Zoom will be provided during the meeting.








This broadcast is on the ministries Facebook page. "Daniel Zelli"

An option will be available next week if you don't have a Facebook account

At 9:00 a.m. Brisbane time, the video will be streamed live.


Instructions on how to log on to Zoom will be provided during the meeting.




The ability to build relationships and minister to one another and also build relationships via breakout rooms is critical to our Global Online Community.


We are now increasing the zoom time, so, as a result of this format, you will spend more time together.


We've made so many friends all over the world simply by being willing to appear on camera and participate in the breakout room. So keep this in mind as you plan to attend these meetings in 2022.

Start Friday Meeting

Press start button when available

Start button available 5 minutes before the meeting

Zoom functionality will be made available during the meetings

Go here if you don't have facebook

To start the zoom …


A QR Code 
will be shown 
here when the 
Meeting is Live

Or use this button

Get the Login Link
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Many people, many churches, many nations - one JESUS

To connect people around the world using the opportunities presented by online technology to equip,  empower and release them into the god-given callings and experience of supernatural life.



Meeting 1: 7 pm Friday night (AEST)

Meeting 2: 9 am Saturday morning (AEST)

Brisbane TIme 


For those in South Africa,  Europe and Asia, the best time slot would be Meeting 1.  This would correspond to Friday morning or afternoon your time.

For those in America, Canada, Brazil and South America,  the best option is Meeting 2.  This would correspond to Friday night your time.

Click the buttons below to find corresponding time in your timezone

Sample Message: Daniel Zelli

24 Jan 2021


Global Online Ministries is headed by an Apostolic leadership that focuses on two primary objectives listed in Ephesians 4:11. 
1. To equip people to be effective in Kingdom ministry
2. To build people up in their understanding of their new identity in Christ
This ministry seeks to provide a platform for sharing and cooperation between people from various Churches all around the globe.  Global Online does not seek to replace your local Church expression but rather to bring teaching and encouragement in order to complement it.

Our community values the strengthening of believers through the prophetic and places emphasis on relationships. To this end, time is devoted for the Holy Spirit to move and deliver prophetic words for both the corporately and personally. In addition, breakout rooms allow a more intimate setting where people have the opportunity to get to know one another and to share and pray.  

We generally follow a standard meeting format that consists of;

  1. Time of praise and worship

  2. Sharing Corporate prophetic words to build the body of Christ

  3. Announcements and news

  4. A message containing sound biblical teaching and encouragement

  5. Discussion and application of the teaching in small groups

  6. The giving of more personal prophetic words, and words of knowledge

  7. Small groups that pray for each member’s needs and healing


You are encouraged to join one of our live broadcasts by going to during specified broadcast times. 


The leadership of Global Online are prayerfully considering providing a local church expression for those associated with Global Online, but do not have a local church. If you are interested in pursuing this more physical church expression, feel free to contact Daniel via the contact page listed in the webpage menu. Please note that this local church expression will be a separate ministry to that of Global Online.

A sample prophetic word was given by Shirley Momberg from Capetown South Africa. 

Marble Surface

Please ensure that your attendance of any of our meetings does not conflict with your own local church commitments as the heart of this ministry is to encourage believers and build up and strengthen the local church.

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