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Equipping Track

Following Jesus


The Listening Room



This study should take about 15 minutes.  By the end of the study, you will be aware that God is always speaking to you.  

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How have you usually pictured God in the past?

Did you know that people's views of God and his relationship with us have often been shaped by our earthly fathers?  Not always, but a lot of the time, this is the case. 

How does God talk to you?

It is possible that God can talk to you in an audible voice.  Many people have heard the audible voice of God, but it is more rare than common.  

Most of the time, God speaks to you from a voice inside.  It is more like an impression or a feeling. He is not speaking from heaven or another place far away. He speaks to you from inside of you.  The Apostle Paul talks about a great mystery...


Look up Colossians 1:27

Pick what you think is the right answer.

The bible makes it so simple for us to understand how God communicates with us. That is our spiritual inner being. It is also the part of us that we learn to listen to, follow, and seek guidance from over time.

The inner being is such an important communication centrepiece to God, it is no wonder he is always aiming to                                                     that part of our lives.

 Ephesians 3:16

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God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit now dwell in your inner being.  From there, God can affect all the other parts of your life.  


A devoted follower of Jesus not only follows the teachings of Jesus but also learns to communicate via their inner being.  From there he can heal your mind of doubt, heal your body of sickness, set your emotions free from guilt, shame and low self-esteem.  As your inner-being gets stronger, then all the other parts of your life realise their newfound freedom in God and you will 'hear' God communicating in all aspects of your life. It such a dynamic and exciting journey. 

Sometimes we have blockages in our soul realm that stop God from working in our lives.  It could've old habits,  guilt,  unforgiveness and other things that keep us bound.  We call them "strongholds" affecting our soul. 

But when we let God in and let him be the master of our inner being,  (handing over the control of that part of our being to him) then we can allow helping us deal with these things. 

These blockages (strongholds) no longer belong to us because they are part of the old life.  They are just hangover's from the past.  As we allow God to help us overcome these 'strongholds',  we come into more joy,  more freedom,  more peace and feel his love more. More of who we now have become shines through.

 Read 1 Cor 5:17 then answer these questions

We communicate to God via our inner being

When God comes inside - we are new beings

Strongholds try to block God work shining through

When we listen to him we deal with our strongholds

Learning to listen (the listening room)

The concept of a listening room is it is a place where you still yourself and focus on listening to what God is saying.  Here is a practical guide to help you cultivate a listening room in your inner being:

  1. Get to a place that is quiet and low in distractions. 

  2. Be open to God and believe that God wants to talk to you

  3. Have confidence that as we make this first step to listen,  God will respond.   See Rev 3:20

  4. Start with a simple prayer See what to pray here 1 Sam 3:10

  5. Wait quietly for his promptings.  Don't rush.  As he beings to reveal things to you, it is best to write them down.

  6. After you receive something,  linger for a little longer as God may be continuing to speak. 

Practical exercise …

Why don't you try it for a little bit.  Follow the six steps then write down what you think God is saying to you.

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