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Equipping Track

Following Jesus 

How to listen to your Lord


Fred Balboa,

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Yesterday we learnt that the "Listening Room" is something that takes place in our inner man.  It is the spiritual side of us. We can hear God speak to us all the time. 

But when he speaks to us, he isn't speaking from heaven or somewhere far away. He lives in your spirit. Back in the day. God used to live in a temple. However, after Jesus arrived, he declared that God would make his temple your spiritual side. Many people refer to having Jesus in your 'heart,' which really means he is in your spiritual side. Your inner self. 


Read Ephesians 3:16  or watch this encouraging video 

Where is God's strengthening spirit at work? 

Do you remember this diagram from yesterday? 

Equipping Track.jpeg

Optional Extra: (for interest only)

Watch this great message on the inner man.  (Approx 10 mins)

God dwells in your inner being.  As you have more connection with him,  and if you allow it, that connection he will have permission to work in every part of your being.  

You can find healing in your physical body.  You can have your mindset free of doubt.  He will be able to help your emotions and you will get rid of guilt, fear,  unforgiveness and hurts and pains from the past. 

Do you want this type of freedom?


Email you concerns to your mentor now:

A lack of emotional healing can have an impact on our relationship with God. That's why it's critical to fortify yourself here. As we gain strength in this area, good thoughts begin to flow into our lives.

We become more peaceful,  more centered, more emotionally well and our general healthy improves. 


Is there some area in your life you feel God can heal?

Next time you meet with your mentor.  why don't you pray about this?

Learning to listen (the listening room)

The concept of a listening room is it is a place where you still yourself and focus on listening to what God is saying.  Here is a practical guide to help you cultivate a listening room in your inner being:

  1. Get to a place that is quiet and low in distractions. 

  2. Be open to God and believe that God wants to talk to you

  3. Have confidence that as we make this first step to listen,  God will respond.   See Rev 3:20

  4. Start with a simple prayer See what to pray here 1 Sam 3:10

  5. Wait quietly for his promptings.  Don't rush.  As he beings to reveal things to you, it is best to write them down.

  6. After you receive something,  linger for a little longer as God may be continuing to speak. 

Practical exercise …

Why don't you try it for a little bit.  Follow the six steps then write down what you think God is saying to you.

Do you have a question for your mentor?

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