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Course: "Land that Baby!"

Part of the "What do I do now?" series

Coming Soon 1 June 2020 

This course gives 3 steps to getting a big project off the ground.  These are the three tools to take an entrepreneurial idea and make it happen.  This is my secret ingredient.  Three sessions,  super applicable and brilliant for any leaders in any industry or even in developing your own personal goals and/or direction.  This is how I can turn a creative idea into a worldwide application


For Example


Challenge How do I get into Vietnam,

Answer  Run Christmas festivals for the community

Result 3 Christmas Festivals, 


10000 people, 1550 salvations, extraordinary healings, in communist central Hanoi,  team of 70 volunteers from 7 countries. How do you do that? - this three-part course will show you.  it is my secret weapon,  the secret herbs and spices to how I organise my ideas into action. It will show you how to brainstorm, organise and implement. This is the practical side of being spiritual. 

Pre-purchase: $30

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