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Retreat for
Senior Apostles and Prophets
relax refresh revelation relationships


For the last year or so, I've yearned for an Australian apostolic and prophetic community to which I could trust and relate. When I told Peter about it, he suggested that we meet as a group of senior apostles and prophets and start building relationships. I agree. When I discussed this with Faylene - she bore witness to it as well. Originally I had an idea to do a simple retreat,  but in the current climate of lockdowns, travel experience and time, that didn't prove feasible.  Upon the suggestion of Gary Morgan,  I propose we meet for 2 hours on a Wednesday evening, 7:30 pm  via zoom.  I do hope you can be a part of it.  


Zoom meeting.  2 Hours.

Wednesday Evening: 7:00 pm

This is an invitation-only meeting.  Nobody is joining anything,  nobody is leading anybody else.  No Facebook. No public advertisement. No logo. 

Puerly relationonal and building one another up. 


The agenda is to build relationships and connections.

There will be time for everyone to share their thoughts on what is going on in Australia.

We will all take turns sharing what God has placed on our hearts in a non-formal setting, as well as praying and prophesying over one another.

Some further ideas are:

A 15-minute keynote talk by one of the prophets,  a 15-minute keynote talk by one of the Apostles. 

General questions and discussion about our nation. 

We will break into prophet/apostle breakout rooms for further discussion. 

We will have communion.

Discuss next meeting/steps.

Finish in prayer for our nation. 

Picking a date

I am sure you appreciate the difficulty of trying to coordinate the diary of busy people


Please go through the dates below and tick what weeks you are available.  

Who are you entering information for?

 Aug 11     Aug 18      Sep 1       Sep 8      Sep 15 

Peter McHugh

Royree Jensen

Faylene Sparkes

Gary Morgan

Helen Calder

Kim Jones

Daryl Crawford Marshall

Daniel Zelli

Margaret Court

Fini De Dersigny

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