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Should we change Sunday night to Friday night?

I am thinking we should move the Sunday night service to a Friday night. Saturday morning would continue to be as it is. As a result, we will have two services, one on Friday night and one on Saturday morning.

How we started

When Global Online was started Easter 2020,  we were in a different situation.

Covid had just hit,  lockdowns implemented and churches closed. 

I had compassion for country churches that were not necessarily set up to handle this situation well. 

The first church I offered to help was Bendemeer Hope Chapel pastored by David Skewes.   They met at 5:00 pm Sundays and have been doing so for years. So we started - 5 pm Sunday Evening Easter 2020.

Things have changed

Bendimeer Hope Chapel_edited.jpg
  • Many relationships have changed. For example, David is no longer the senior pastor of Bendemeer and has stepped up to more of an Apostolic function to walk alongside me in Global Online. 

  • Many logistics have changed. For example, Bendemeer Hope Chapel, now led by David's daughter and son in law, has gone in a different direction,  now meeting at 2:00 pm and that may change. 

  • Churches have reopened and people are starting to engage with the church families again. People are able to enjoy physical connections again.  

  • I want to create space in our meetings so that we can start a number of regional meetings without putting strain on our Global Online ministry.

The proposal

Your opinion matters and I need your advice and thoughts.

I am proposing we change our Sunday night service to Friday night.   Saturday morning will stay as is. 

There are many advantages to this when you consider the different time zones. 

Saturday morning is already Friday night in the Northern Hemisphere. (the USA and Brazil)

That means the Asia Pacific would also meet on Friday night\afternoon. 

For South Africa and Europe, I am considering running another meeting 4:30 am Sat morning (Brisbane time) which would be 8:30 pm Friday night. 

So Global Online would be Friday night Asia-Pacific,  USA&Brazil, Europe and SA

These changes will take effect on September 10th (assuming we proceed based on everyone's vote). 

The Results so far
















Should we change from Sun to Fri
If changed, whart start time do you recommend

Fri 8:00 pm Brisbane

Fri 12:00 pm Capetown

Fri 6:00 am New York

Fri 7:00 am Brasilia

Fri 5:00 pm Hanoi

Fri 4:30 pm Yangon

Sat 4:30 am Brisbane

Fri 8:30 pm Capetown

Fri 2:30 pm New York

Fri 3:30 am Brasilia

Sat 9:00 am Brisbane

Fri 8:30 pm Capetown

Fri 2:30 pm New York

Fri 3:30 am Brasilia

Brisbane time stays the same. Please account for daylight saving when making your choice


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