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Royree Jensen

Apostolic Leader

Senior Leader
Rivers Apostolic Centre, Qld, Australia

Royree is an apostolic leader with a prophetic edge. Not only planting the Rivers church (one of the larger congregations in Brisbane), she has been responsible for a number churches across Australia. Royree is a down to earth Aussie with a strong gift of leadership on her life. Truly one of Australia's generals. Royree is committed the pursuit for His presence and manifested Glory. In 2012 up until recent, she became the Australian regional director of Harvest International Ministries; an apostolic network founded by Che and Su Ahn. In 2015, Patricia King appointed Royree as regional director for Women on the Frontlines Oceania. Royree is a distinguished conference speaker. In the early days, her husband David of 53 years were missionaries with the Brethern movement, but moving on to her current ministry following an experience with the Holy Spirit.

+61 411 184 778

Royree Jensen
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